We are Afro-Led.



Born in 1992, Wambui Njeri Ng'ang'a- Gitau, conceptualized Siri in 2012 as a music band! 
Together with 7 of her friends, they wrote and performed songs on various topics of social concern such as Mental Health. Upon completeing her honours degree in 2013, she and her mother started siri trainers. Their first event dubbed ultimate youth fest- kikuyu edition was only attended by 8 participants, 5 of whom were guest performers from Siri Ya Muziki's artiestes fratenity. In spite of the low turn-out, not only did  they learn a whole lot about effective marketing, but the event participants felt so empowered by the training, they formed a band of their own!!

In 2015, Wabi sought funding for another idea - a music and languages learning center. After a rigorous process, she did receive an investment which she added to her savings and started the learning center in her house. That learning center has since grown to 2 fully fledged branches as well as an additional 4 seasonal branches.

In 2017, The Siri Consultants was born from the high demand of the services that both Siri Trainers and Siri Ya Muziki provided. Schools were interested and we were unable to fulfill the demand. We thus trained fellow African youth in the SIRI philosophy, coaching methodology and steps. ... and the rest is history.

Constantly seeking to provide world class products and services at affordable rates, that create measurable change, is our passion. It is from here that we created prints n patches to empower small scale African tailors and designers. It is this same passion that caused our managing director- and Wabi's mother- to build a state of the art dairy farm to supply local population with fresh milk they can trust- affordably- while providing employment to Africans. It is this same passion that drove them to start a ranch with the intention of supplying fresh meat.

And it is indeed the same passion that drove them to create The Siri Online Campus, among a host of other products from SomaSiri Africa that seek to improve education and its access to Africans using tech.

Siri has come a long way from the ultimate youth fest, with measurable success in each of our companies. We are grateful to God for the growth and cannot wait to see the great and mighty things He still has in store. 
All glory and honour belongs to Him.

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